Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Accepting with Class

Accepting with Class

If, after all of the work and waiting, an affirmative decision arrives, congratulations!  Enjoy this moment to the fullest but be mindful of how you respond to others who may have gotten disappointing news. Here is your moment to be a “class act”—to show restraint when you are feeling +10 on the Emotions Scale. Remember the boomerang of karma; what you send out may return to you, so tread softly and be grateful. 

Some students who get more than one acceptance get caught up in the attention and have trouble accepting only one offer and declining the rest. For these students, the acceptances are trophies. This is a dangerous play. If the colleges find out about this (and they often do), they will not only revoke your admission, but also, if they know them, notify the other colleges involved and you will lose them all. Tip:

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